Dr. Samer Abdel Hadi,

Dean of College of Arts and Humanities


Dr. Samer Abdel Hadi received his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Jordan in 2006. His academic career began as an assistant professor at Arab Open University - Jordan Branch in the same year.

He has taught courses in psychology, education, special education, class management, and scientific research methods. He also has led training courses and workshops on educational psychology in the UAE, Kuwait & Jordan. He has numerous scientific studies published in Arabic and English scientific journals, mostly about: emotional social competence, moral competence & skills: assertiveness, self-awareness, empathy, self-regulation, impulsiveness control, conflict resolution, mindfulness & self-efficacy.

He moved to UAE in 2011 to work at Abu Dhabi University in its branches in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi, and then moved to Dubai at Al Falah University and got the degree Associate Professor with his work as Dean of Student Affairs. He translated a book called "Developing Positive Assertiveness"


      • Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, University of Jordan.
      • MA in Educational Psychology, University of Jordan.
      • BA in Psychology and Business Administration University of Jordan.



      • Dean- College of Arts & Humanities Al Falah University, UAE (September 2020 – Present).
      • Dean of student affairs, Associate Professor in Psychology Al Falah University, UAE (February 2018- September 2020):
        • Planning, preparing, and implementing of extra-curricular activities and events.
        • Managing and following up the alumni office.
        • Managing career development services.
        • Providing assistant & supporting to students exhibiting poor academic performance.
        • Teaching the following subjects: Psychology & communication skills, sociology, and social psychology.
      • Associate Professor in Psychology Al Falah University, UAE (February 2016- Present):
        • Teaching the following subjects: Psychology, Creative Thinking, Social Psychology, Crisis Management.
        • Psychological and educational counseling for students.
        • Participation in the Committee on Quality Assurance, the course file, the translation committee.
        • Implementation of scientific activities within the field of community service lectures, training courses, training programs.
      • Assistant Professor in Psychology Abu Dhabi University, UAE (January 2012- 2016):
        • Teaching the following subjects: Psychology, Human Relations, The foundations of scientific research, Research applications, Negotiation skills
        • Psychological and Educational counseling for students.
      • Lecturer Arab Open University, Jordan (September 2006 – January 2012):
        • Teaching the following subjects: elementary education, childhood psychology, psychology of children with special needs, psychology of adolescence, developmental psychology, learning psychology, practice education, classroom management and counseling.
        • Attending scientific conferences.
        • Conducting scientific research.
        • Leading training courses and workshops at the continuing education and community service unit.



      • Psychology and communication skills.
      • Introduction to sociology.
      • Social Psychology.



      • National Council for Family Affairs.
      • Psychology Association of Jordan.



      • Abdel Hadi, S., Al Naser, A., Kamour, M. & Ashour, L., Al Qaruty, R. (2021). The Predictive Ability for Interpersonal Sensitivity in Impulsiveness Among Undergraduate Students. Submitted to Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues, 24 (2): 1-17
      • Abdel Hadi, S. (2020). Interpersonal Self Efficacy Among Teachers in Light of Two Variables: Gender (Male/Female) and Years of Experience. Psychology and Education, 57(8): 1096-1109
      • Abdel Hadi, S, (2020). Predicting Ability for Emotional Self-Efficacy in Subjective Well-Being among Sample of Undergraduate and Graduate Students of Al Falah University. Al-Quds Open University Journal for Humanitarian and Social Research. Al-Quds Open University. Publishing acceptance
      •  Abdel Hadi, S, (2019). The level of cognitive and affective empathy in light of gender and academic year variables among 8th, 9th & 10th grade students. Journal of Content, Community & Communication. 5 (10): 50-63 (Scopus Index Journal)
      • Abdel Hadi, S, Bustami, G. (2019). Cognitive Emotion Regulation among Students of the Master’s and Bachelor's degree at Al-Falah University in Dubai. Sylwan Journal, 163(3): 142-169 (Scopus Indexed)
      •  Abdul Hadi, S. (2019). Level of Interpersonal Emotion Regulation among Undergraduate Students at Al Falah University in Dubai. Dirasat Journal. 46 (2):238-259.



      • TASK (International Conference)
      • International Conference on Education/ Dubai
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