Students of Public Relations from the College of Mass Communication at Al Falah University launched the "Happy Exam" Campaign under the slogan "To motivate students to persevere in learning, gaining knowledge, and handling the exams with ease and happiness”. The campaign aimed to promote a spirit of positive and psychological support and eliminate the students’ anxiousness towards exams period.

The President of the University, Prof. Abdelhafid Belarbi, praised the role of the students in the success of the campaign which reflects their creativity and their determination to implement the campaign among themselves.

Through this campaign, students have sought to change the students’ outlook of the exam period and to lessen the tension.

Dr. Khalid Heneidi, Dean of the College of Mass Communication added that the campaign focused on the psychological preparation of students and the emphasis on the meanings of optimism, hope, and ambition and to create an environment to feel happiness and psychological comfort before and during the tests.

The campaign included distribution of sweets and drinks to students, posting pictures that convey happiness and encouragement, as well as a set of psychological guidelines that will help the students focus and perform well.