Innovation, development and community engagement are some of the noticeable characteristics that Al Falah University is proud to sustain. To further enhance the capabilities of its enthusiastic students the Department of General Education arranged an educational trip to “Huawei Thinking Lab”. The delegation of the students of AFU led by the members of Dept. of GE, Mr. Ali Al Alaimi and Ms. Aysha Ehsan, was introduced to all the innovative projects currently underway in their lab. Huawei Thinking Lab is an incubator for new ideas where they provide resources and networking to the party which presents the idea. The students were briefed on the eco-friendly initiatives currently being developed in the Lab. Huawei Thinking Lab is striving to offer facilities suitable for “Smart Cities”. Mr. Charles Chebli and Mr. Jerin Mathew, from Huawei, explained few smart ideas projects including a sensor-sensitive lamppost which equipped with weather forecast gadget, surveillance camera and WiFi internet connection. All these can collectively be managed by a single system by the administrator. They also shown prototype for smart security and surveillance system. The delegation was also shown a Smart Classroom where lecture can be conducted and recorded automatically to be viewed anytime. The students interacted with the members of Huawei Thinking Lab and made productive comments that were highly appreciated by the Huawei professionals. Al Falah University aims to continue such efficient and academically effective endeavors to groom a generation supplemented with the compatible knowledge to counter any challenges.