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The Chancellor of Al Falah University Dr. Nooreddin Atatreh conducted a presentation where he addressed the importance of research. He emphasized that the University’s success is in the success of its faculty members. The professional growth of an academic member is in research and the University will appreciate its faculty members to follow this path.

Dr. Noureddin discussed that the evaluation indicator “Webometrics” is a world renowned practice. This is a non-profit organization and it is important for the members of the academic and administrative bodies to publish their work, whether in the form of articles, studies or research on this website. The high ranking of Al Falah University on Webometrics will guarantee its success. It is one of the largest evaluation systems to improve the presence of academic institutions. The Chancellor encouraged the members of the academic and administrative bodies to work in the research and publication of articles on various forums highlighting their creativity and skills in their respective fields.

Al Falah University would encourage all its members and provide every possible assistance in their professional growth.

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