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Exam Instructions

Dear all AFU Students, 

We all appreciate your favorable reaction and great response during the semester. Extending to you our best wishes of success and excellence at your Midterm exams. During this exam, you shouldn't access other resources (a phone, tablet, notes, books, etc.) or communicate with other people. Please stay in your seat and focus on the computer screen until the exam is complete. If an interruption occurs, briefly explain what happened by speaking directly to your webcam. And, finally, remember that you cannot exit the exam until all questions are completed and the test has been submitted for grading. We would like to remind you to adhere to the following examination instructions: 

Before the exam begins, kindly check that the following requirements are available:

  • High Speed broadband internet connection.
  • A PC fitted with webcam & mic or a laptop with webcam & built in mic is a must.
  • Operation System- Windows 7,8,10 or Mac OS 10 X 10 or higher. Windows 10S is not supported.
  •  iPad is not an approved device.
  • Download the lockdown browser to access the exam.
  • Log in to the Moodle(https://vlearning.afu.ac.ae/moodle/), 10 minutes prior to each exam.

Exams’ Instructions

  • Create the right place to take the exam.
  • Lockdown Web Browser will lock all software and will always play the role of e- monitor.
    Present the university card or Emirates ID in front of the camera is a must.
  • it is not allowed to use mobile phones, tablets or I Pads in order to ensure taking the exams smoothly.
  • Make sure that you are facing the camera during the exam. Bearing in mind that the University is keen on the privacy of students regarding the videos recorded during the exam performance.
  • In case of violating the exam instructions, the university rules will be applied.
  • In case of any technical issues occur, our IT Team shall be available to fully provide you with the necessary help. Please Call for any inquiries.

Ms. Alia Salah: 042338043, Mr. Sabu: 04 2338042, Mr. Paul: 042338048, Mr. Sunil Nair: 042338044

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