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Campus Life

Al Falah University is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates a global city and rated as one of the best places to live in the Middle East. AFU promotes a study environment filled with intellectual meticulousness without overlooking the need for recreation. Committed to educating the youth, AFU’s graduates become great "thinkers" and “doers” who are opportune to study theories and put scientific experience into practice.
AFU seeks to identify the needs of the students and to meet these needs. The university tries to provide some strategies and events that help the student develop basic skills which help him/her in academic, professional and social success.

Media Club

AFU Students Media Club is to promote the University’s image locally and internationally via different use of media channels. Students are the main body of the club and they will contribute stories, phots, videos and articles about Al Falah University which covers; events, celebrations, and different activities.
Students Media Club is an approved club by the university and part of its duties is to cover all types of on campus and outside activities and events.

Writers Club

AFU Innovators Writers Club is responsible for the Students Newsletter that documents the achievements of AFU by student journalists. The students are also given the chance to network with professional organizations for career opportunities and professional development.


Student Affairs Unit at Al-Falah University recently joined the Institutions of Higher Education League. The AFU’s Football Team has been newly founded and other sport teams are currently underway.

Student Clubs

Starting from interest oriented activities to talent enhancement; AFU strives to give the students absolute independence of experience. Our students lead a wide range of cultural, academic and social organizations. Student representatives work together with university leaders to enhance the student experience.

Student Services


Starting University could be a daunting task and overwhelming. Coping with the stress might be challenging, and it is in this regard that the Student Affairs Unit at Al Falah University instituted its Counseling Services to help students discuss their anxieties. Counselors treat issues in the utmost confidential and professional way within a safe environment to make the students feel protected and secure.

The Counseling Service is available to students undergoing immense difficulties dealing with personal problems and academic struggles. The service is also offered to enhance the competencies of students by arranging for opportunities and occasions that will help develop their abilities and discover new ones.

Health Services

AFU provides primary healthcare services along with supporting the students, teaching staff and campus employees' safety and wellness. In this respect, the university employs professional and licensed nurses for providing first aid and medical care in cases of minor illness and severe injuries as well as health education and enhancing protection against diseases. Each student is requested to fill in a questionnaire, indicating to his/her respective health condition. Furthermore, students with special needs or disabilities, who need assistance regarding their activities in the campus, can submit medical reports from their respective doctors, explaining their relevant health conditions and special requirements. All medical records, forms and documents are confidentially maintained. Any potential patient is requested to approve sharing his/her health record unless it is permissible by law or it is related to a life-threatening case.


AFU provides students, employees, teaching staff and visitors with a high level of safety. The Administration & management must maintain safety feeling against any risks. Being committed to safety, AFU permanently endeavors to maintain a safe environment. Hence, safety measures are precisely implemented; security gates are provided with well-experienced security officers and no person may enter into the premises unless he/she holds the relevant permit.

Alumni Office

Al-Falah University seeks to facilitate continuous communication with its graduates and help them develop their abilities to meet the challenges they may face in the labor market and provide guidance to them to complete their higher education. The Office organizes some activities and events that are consistent with the vision and mission of the University. Al Falah University tries to strengthen the relationship between the university and its graduates, to develop a sense of participation among graduates, and to encourage joint cooperation between graduates and the university to provide better service to the community. The office is supervised by the Deanship of Student Affairs. Graduate activities are planned early in each semester.

Career Development

The Career Development Service is offered to assist students and alumni with career planning and job search. Dean of Student Affairs is available to assist students in deciding their major, assessing their skills and interests, exploring job information, writing resumes and cover letters, polishing interview skill, and developing job-search strategies. The Dean of Student Affairs seeks to assist students by helping them relate their career goals to their educational goals. This process begins in the freshman year through the use of personal interest, values, skills and experiences and expands throughout a student’s university years to resume development, internships, graduate college planning and job search. Career development service is an important resource for all students - not just for job-hunting seniors. All students are encouraged to work with career services throughout their university experience in all career-related matters.

AFU seeks to identify the needs of the students and to plan activities to meet these needs. The success of the student in choosing the appropriate specialization and then get the job consists of his/her abilities as well as perseverant tendencies, and trained skills. The university tries to provide some strategies and events that help the student develop basic skills witch help him/her in academic, professional and social success.

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is situated in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia. Four-fifths of the UAE is desert with contrasting landscapes – from the towering red dunes of Liwa to the rich oasis of Al Ain. From the Hajar Mountains to fertile coastal plains. 

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