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"At Al Falah University, I wanted to develop skills that will contribute to effectively communicating with others. I chose New Media specialization at the College of Mass Communication and gained skills in several important aspects, such as interpersonal communication."

Saleh Muhammad Aqajah

Mass Communication

About The College

The College of Mass Communication was established in 2015 due to the importance of available highly demanded programs to be existed. The College of Mass Communication is one of the main academic colleges at Al Falah University. It has three majors of study which are considered among the most important tracks within the Mass Communication College programs: Journalism, Public Relations, and New Media.

Media of Teaching is Arabic and the program is 126 Credit Hours (CH) is divided to four main criteria with regards to study plan: 30 Credit hours for University Requirements, 60 CH College Requirement, 9 CH College Electives and 27 CH Major requirement.

Dean's Message

On behalf of the faculty and administration of the Mass Communication College - Al-Falah University - I welcome our students in the College of Mass Communication and congratulate them for choosing Al-Falah University as a distinguished scientific institution that fulfills their ambitions. We emphasize that the College with its three programs, "New Media, Journalism and Public Relations"

Dr. Hassan Mustafa
Dean of COMC
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